Commercial Property


Palagio Shops on S. Western
Location: NE Corner SW 104th & S. Western         
Zoning: C-3         
Size: 11.75 Acres
Price: Call

  Châtenay Square Shopping Plaza
Location: SE Corner SW 104th & S. Penn            
Zoning: C-3        
Size: 13 Acres
Price: Call
  240 Penn Park        
Location: I-240 and South Pennsylvania, North of I-240 East of Penn
Zoning: C-4            
Size: 6 Acres
Price: Call
  Rivendell Southeast
Location: SW 119th & May - SE corner         
Zoning: C-3         
Size: 8.26 Acres
Price: Call
  Rivendell Northeast        
Location: SW 134th & May - NE corner         
Zoning: C-3         
Size: 55 Acres
Price: Call
    Greystone Square         
Location: SW 89th & Penn - 1 block West, 2300-2600 SW 89th, South side of 89th         
Zoning: 0-2         
Size: 4.13 Acres
Price: $8.50 sq. ft
Location: I-44 & SW 134th - South of 134th, east side of I-44         
Zoning: AA         
Size: 145 Acres
Price: Call
Location: SW 164th & Santa Fe
Zoning: C-3         
Size: 29 Acres
Price: Call
    I-44 & S.W. 134th         
Location: I-44 & S.W. 134th         
Zoning: I-2         
Size: 2.11 Acres     
Price: Call